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About My Body My Voice

The Story of My Body, My Voice

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“My Body, My Voice” is an immersive storytelling project with the goal of collecting and sharing stories about people's experiences with reproductive health care. Abortion stories. Stories of why someone supports reproductive health care equity and access. Stories of why reproductive freedom matters.


Specifically, "My Body, My Voice" seeks to empower individuals across California to tell their personal story in the effort to create connection and awareness of the breadth of experiences when accessing reproductive health care. The project especially seeks to highlight the stories of people from diverse backgrounds, as restrictive reproductive legislation has disproportionate effects on people of color and others who already face barriers to care. The project honors the history and impact of storytelling and amplifies diverse stories in the continued fight for equity and reproductive freedom. 


Ultimately, the goal is to use stories to help protect reproductive rights and freedom, as well as empower individuals to tell their stories in the hopes that they continue these conversations in their own communities.


          “My Body, My Voice” is presented in partnership with VoiceBox,                       produced by Tre Borden /Co. and created by artist Dorian Lynde.

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Video Submission guidlines

Find a quiet location for filming that is comfortable and adds to the look of your on-camera shot. Decide if you are more comfortable sitting or standing and go with whatever works best for you and the equipment you have. 


Center yourself in the frame and make eye contact. Steer clear of objects that have moving parts or would become a distraction during your filming. Try to avoid positioning yourself with a strong source of light directly behind you, such as a bright window. Rather, have the light source in front of you. 


If you're using a tripod, try and set it to eye level. If seated and using a computer or phone, make sure you are using something to hold the device steady or ask someone for help if you can’t do it alone.


Try to have distance between yourself and your background, this will create depth in the shot, and make the background a bit less distracting, focusing the viewer’s attention on you.


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Credit to

Tre Borden /Co and Voicebox

Dorian Lynde: @dorianlynde
Tré Borden: @trebordenco & @treborden 

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This page is controlled and operated by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California. 

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